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Teen Psychologist

Achieving our goals together in harmony


Sonia Reyes Master Coach

CEO and founder of Family Life Consulting Services. Ms. Reyes has been working on different

areas in the health field and with professional experience, she also has a diploma as a practical nurse, a degree in financial orientation, Certified as a Master life coach, couples coaching and coaching for entrepreneurial parents.

She is the creator of the Certification in Holistic Coaching with the K.I.N.G.

She has over 35 years of practical experience and has a broad understanding within leadership, clinical, administrative, management, research, quality improvement, and social service functions.

She is a customer service oriented, motivated and compassionate individual with the ability to direct, manage, coordinate, train, lead and promote team building.

Her enthusiasm and commitment to ensuring access to compassionate care for the most vulnerable residents is evident in the way she works for the community.


Our Services


These one-on-one holistic coaching sessions are ideal for those who wish to develop from their being.  Introspection, letting go, inner self-healing, conscious self-discovery, and reaching goals are objectives aligned with their purpose. 


It is an internationally endorsed unconventional training where you will learn to practice the profession of coaching from a holistic vision and with our own K.I.N.G. Method. 


We offer the following services in this area:

• Family budget

• Financial platforms and strategies for personal and business protection



"Sonia Reyes la mejor instructora de vidas personales y negocios. Me encanta!! gracias por todo!!


"Sonia Reyes la mejor instructora de vidas personales y negocios. Me encanta!! gracias por todo!!"

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