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Training and Certification in Holistic Coaching.

It is an internationally endorsed unconventional training where you will learn to practice the profession of coaching from a holistic vision and with our own Method that we have called K.I.N.G.

It includes the use of multiple tools for the interpretation of concepts used to strengthen, empower and enrich the leadership of the participants in their life purpose and achievement of personal, family, ministerial or entrepreneurial goals.

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Development of workshops, courses and conferences by specific topics. Ideal for companies or companies that want to advance their staff, drive goal achievement and motivate them to achieve greater performance within the company.

Topics of our courses workshops and conferences:



-Personal growth

-Achievement of goals

-Effective communication

-Emotional Management

-Financial Education - Emotional Finance.

-Healthy Budget.

-Health & Wellness.

-Effective conflict resolution.

-Knowing our origin, integrating where we come from intentionally.



We offer the following services in this area:


It consists of notarizing documents, preparing letters and everything related to the needs of families and businesses.


If you wish to contact us to book any of our services, you can do so by phone at the number

+1 (301) 332 3717

And fill out the following form:

Thank you for contacting us, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

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