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Consulting and Holistic Coaching in personal development, professional life and entrepreneurship

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Private coaching

These one-on-one holistic coaching sessions are ideal for those who wish to develop from the Being, introspection, letting go, inner self-healing, conscious self-discovery and reaching goals and objectives aligned with their purposes. Managing to harmonize its essence with primordial areas of the human being. BE- LEARN- DO AND HAVE. Contains eight focus themes influential in the success of a person, a group or an organization. This coaching is also applicable for ministry leaders.

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Couples Coaching sessions

What is it about?

Special relationship coaching for couples who want to achieve a healthy introspection, to understand each other, identifying their responsibilities without being imposed and improve the relationship by making assertive, harmonious and responsible decisions. Their relationships are more intentional individual and family.


Some of these couples cohabit in a free union and have wanted to formalize their spiritual, religious or faith relationship. As a result, they reach religious marriage renewed in their conduct, modeling a truly harmonious lifestyle for their children and their environment.


This coaching is one of the most common for religious, faith or spiritual groups that we have conducted for 30 years.

Also for couples or families with ventures who wish to harmonize family relationships and promote the business in the best way to achieve their common purposes. Applicable also, for ministry leaders.

Group Coaching Sessions

what is it about?

Ideal for a group of people, individually or as a corporate team who wish to advance, in the achievement of goals and objectives that align with their purposes.


They will find clarity in the vision, making the development and connection with their best version favorable, awakens the desire to know themselves, Identifies characteristics that help set visualized goals towards specific objectives and they will be able to make a plan that allows them to move towards their desired results, whether personal , with the team or with the organization.

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Let's work together on your integral growth.

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